My name is Latika ‘Vagmi’ Bhatia.
I’m a  writer and a voice over artist with 10+ years of experience.

I understand that running a business is a delicate walk on a thin rope of several equations running simultaneously. I strive to understand the world on the other side of the equation that is your audience’s world. As that keeps shifting gears, businesses need to calibrate and re-calibrate their narrative to keep up with it.

As your dedicated communication partner,we stay with your goals a little longer, so that you achieve them faster.
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About Me

I have multidisciplinary experience spanning most formats of writing – Website Content, Scripts for Audio Visual and Animation, Jingles, Lyrics, Tagline & Brand Name and PR articles. I have lent my voice for explainers & promotional videos. The nuances I picked up while working on a variety of assignments has helped me get repeat business in voice over and writing. Also, I have delivered hundreds of posts for Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Appreciations and Recommendations

If we were to recommend a thoroughly professional and talented writer, that would be Latika, without a second thought. 

Rekha Chaudhari, M.D.
Managing Director, One Line Wellness.

Latika is a strong communicator with a recognizable and unique voice, which makes her an ideal resource for voiceovers and compering. Multilingual Creative thinking and writing, especially writing with emotions, is one of the things she is very good at, due to which she is very good with content writing of various kinds. We wish Vagmi the very best and hope it will fulfill its potential by catering to the gaps in this market.

Vivek Pai, Architect,
Sustainability’s Founder and Managing Director

Vagmi does complete justice to the subject with her well-researched and articulated content composition. We endorse her for her writing, voice, and people skills.

Sneh Shah,
Managing Director, Tidbit Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Vagmi Latika’s narratives are deep, practical, and far-fetched. Her mannerisms are something that you’ll always come back for. Vagmi Latika has been our natural choice for scripting for multiple projects. We wish Vagmi and Latika a grand success.

Shreyansh Shah,
Inspire Animations’ founder and managing director.

Raj Refrigeration Company is a 28-year-old firm is one of the most reputed and trusted stores in Mumbai. We have made a company profile and a catalog in which the content writing was done perfectly. The person I sent the catalog to liked it so much that I got a pretty good number of orders. The quality is excellent and it is written very neatly with perfect word expression.

Sanjay Raijada,
Raj Refrigeration Co.

Crisp, creative, and supported with facts is how Latika’s writing is. Our website’s traffic has improved thanks to her smartly composed content.
It’s great to know and work with Latika Bhatia.
Shreyansh Jatakhia,
Managing Director, Jatakhia Constructions & Tattva Agro
You have nailed the writing, Latika.
Dr. Darla Drendel,
Pacific Blue Production, CA, USA

Professional Qualifications

My Career in High Performance Writing & Voice Over is made of following ingredients 

After all, ‘what you seek is seeking you.’ – Rumi.
Skills & Experience

Brand Names & Taglines

#Immortal Icons
#Cargo Intel
# Adnya

Song Lyrics

सूर है नया और धून नयी बदली बदली सी जिंदगी ख़यालो में बेहती रहूं कब दिन बिता और शाम हुई


#Fluid Thoughts, Potent Words
#Down-to-Earth Company
#अब हर पेट , भरपेट
#सुगरणींच्या अभिमानाचं गुपित

Personalized Poetry

# यह सोचने की बात है कि कैसे तुम सोचती हो सचमुच इतनी निराली हो, या स्वान्ग जैसे रचती हो ? अन चाहा सुन नहीं सकती तो मन चाहा गरजती हो अंत में मुझे मनाने का स्वान्ग बडा सा रचती हो

# निष्फल नहीं किसीका जीना, जब हर रात का सवेरा हो। दीप दीवालीके तभी सजें जब अमावस का अँधेरा हो

Personalized Messages, Letters , and Speeches

मृदु मनाचा गोड वाणीचा जणू दुधावरची साय माझा काका माझे बालपण , माझे माहेर, माझी माय, माझा काका

Vagmi Caters to

  • Animation Studios & Production Houses
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Marketing Communication Departments
  • Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • NGOs & Event Organisers 
  • Music Composers & Singers
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